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Preserving Your Historic Home's Character: Embracing History with Remodel Canton

Your home is not just a place to live; it's a reflection of the rich history and heritage of Canton, Ohio, and the surrounding area. From charming Victorian-era residences to stately Colonial Revival homes, each property tells a unique story of the past. As homeowners, it's essential to preserve the character and integrity of these historic treasures while incorporating modern amenities and conveniences. At Remodel Canton, we're dedicated to honoring the architectural heritage of our community through meticulous restoration and renovation projects. Join us as we explore the diverse historic architectural styles available in Canton and discuss the care we take in preserving your home's character during the remodeling process.

A kitchen renovation in a Canton Victorian home to add character and modernity.

Exploring Canton's Historic Architectural Styles

Canton boasts a rich architectural tapestry, with a wide range of historic styles that reflect the city's evolution over the centuries. From grand mansions along Millionaires' Row to quaint bungalows in historic neighborhoods, there's a wealth of architectural diversity waiting to be discovered. Some of the most prevalent historic styles in Canton and the surrounding area include:


Victorian architecture flourished in the late 19th century and is characterized by ornate detailing, steep gabled roofs, and intricate woodwork. Canton's historic district is home to numerous Victorian-era homes, showcasing the elegance and opulence of the era.

Colonial Revival

Inspired by the architecture of early American settlers, Colonial Revival homes feature symmetrical facades, gabled roofs, and classic columns. These timeless residences evoke a sense of nostalgia and tradition, harkening back to America's colonial heritage.


Craftsman-style homes emerged in the early 20th century and are known for their emphasis on craftsmanship, natural materials, and simplicity of design. With their low-pitched roofs, exposed rafters, and cozy front porches, Craftsman bungalows are a quintessential feature of Canton's historic neighborhoods.

Tudor Revival

Tudor Revival homes draw inspiration from medieval English architecture, featuring steeply pitched roofs, half-timbered facades, and decorative brickwork. These distinctive residences add a touch of old-world charm to Canton's architectural landscape.

Preserving your Historic Home with Remodel Canton

At Remodel Canton, we understand the importance of preserving the unique character and charm of historic homes while incorporating modern amenities and conveniences. Our team of skilled craftsmen and designers takes a meticulous approach to historic restoration, paying close attention to detail and craftsmanship to ensure that every renovation project honors the architectural integrity of the home. Here's how we approach historic preservation:

Research and Planning

Before embarking on a historic restoration project, we conduct thorough research to understand the architectural style, materials, and construction techniques used in the original building. This allows us to develop a comprehensive plan that respects the historical significance of the property while addressing the needs and preferences of the homeowner.

Authentic Replication

When restoring historic features such as woodwork, trim, or decorative elements, we strive for authenticity in both materials and craftsmanship. Whether it's replicating intricate Victorian-era moldings or restoring original hardwood floors, our team is committed to preserving the historic integrity of the home.

Modern Updates with Sensitivity

While we prioritize preserving historic elements, we also recognize the importance of incorporating modern updates to enhance the livability and functionality of the home. From updating electrical and plumbing systems to installing energy-efficient windows and appliances, we approach modernization with sensitivity to the home's historic character.

Whole home renovation in historic craftsman home by Remodel Canton.

Collaboration with Preservation Experts

We collaborate closely with preservation experts, historians, and architects to ensure that our restoration projects adhere to best practices and guidelines for historic preservation. By drawing on their expertise and insights, we can achieve a seamless blend of old and new that respects the heritage of the home.

Preserving your home's character is more than just a renovation project; it's a commitment to honoring the history and heritage of Canton, Ohio, and the surrounding area. At Remodel Canton, we're passionate about preserving the architectural treasures of our community through meticulous restoration and renovation work. Whether you own a Victorian-era mansion, a Colonial Revival gem, or a charming Craftsman bungalow, we're here to help you breathe new life into your historic home while maintaining its timeless elegance and charm. Contact us today to learn more about our historic restoration services and start preserving your home's character for generations to come.


Ready to preserve the character of your historic home? Contact Remodel Canton today for expert restoration and renovation services!

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